God Did It

So a woman went to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas and found a 3.69 carat diamond. She found it after praying to God, and so she named it the Hallelujah Diamond.

God helped her find the diamond.

God did it.

Let’s back up and go through the facts.

A woman decided to go to a place where diamonds are known to be frequently found.

After it rained, which led the park rangers to plow up the ground because it is known that rain and plowing often exposes new diamonds in the earth.

The woman then deliberately spent several days looking in soil where diamonds are known to be found which had been eroded by nature and deliberately prepared by humans, two factors which greatly increased the likelihood of finding a diamond.

And she found a diamond.

God did it.


And now we know why children are starving to death and dying of cancer. God’s too busy helping middle aged white women in Murica find diamonds.

One thought on “God Did It

  1. The God saved me something Mantra..is another one of those. All be it that maybe, many more -hundreds – thousands died at the same time and place…but this one person who prayed to God ( or maybe not, but it seems people always turn to God when the chips are down)to spare her-for something important. Never to be heard of again. Any one with an ounce of intelligence can see the stupidity/ lucidity of any such statement. Just my thought.

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