I’d rant about this . . .

I’d rant about this: LDS Church News: When the Correlation Committee Speaks, The Thinking Has Been Done, but A Marvellous Work and a Blunder has already done a great job dissecting everything that is wrong about it, including the monumentally fake story of the daughter who teaches her mother how to put her brain back in a jar where it belongs.

Just a couple of thoughts of my own, though:

  1. I had to triple-check the URL of the article to convince myself that it wasn’t a work of satire penned by a disgruntled ex-Mormon. No, it is in fact an official website of the LDS Church.
  2. Two words: Thought Police
  3. I want to hope this article was just hastily written and poorly thought-out, because the Church will only retain hardcore Kool-Aid drinkers if they think this sort of drivel is a good idea.