Interviewees Wanted

I’d like to start blogging and podcasting interviews with people who have gone from being devout believers to becoming doubters, sceptics, pragmatists, apostates, atheists, and ant-theists. In general I am not as interested in interviewing people who have swapped one brand of faith for another, although I won’t reject anyone with a really interesting story.

If you’re interested, do let me know by leaving a comment. Please do not put your contact information in the text of your comment; your e-mail address as entered in the field will do, and that way the whole internet won’t have it.

5 thoughts on “Interviewees Wanted

  1. I don’t think my story is particularly interesting, but I’m happy to be interviewed. I would prefer text to podcast since I am a high school teacher and keep my atheism in the closet. I was raised Mormon. My parents and sister are still very active. In my early teens, I became curious about the disconnect between the Mormon and scientific POV on evolution. That led to various non-church-sanctioned reading. By the time I was 16 I was pretty convinced that the whole thing was bunk. I’m glad I got there so early because otherwise I certainly would have been BYU-bound. Instead, I went to a state school, separated from the church, and am now a happy atheist/humanist who attends a UU church.

  2. Hi there, I’ve been enjoying following your blog for awhile. I’ve thought about the idea of an interview, and wasn’t really feeling it at first, but here it is several months later, and I’m thinking maybe I feel differently. Not that you’ll want to interview me necessarily, but I’m throwing it out there. So please let me know the particulars and what you may need to know in order to decide whether I would make a good interviewee. Thanks, Greg

  3. I’d be happy to interview. I have appreciated reading your blog. Your arguments are solid, and I feel you articulate very well some of the thoughts I’ve had for years. It’s only been a few months for me since I’ve left the LDS church, and I am still working on coming out of the ‘closet’ to people in my life. I don’t embrace another religion. I feel strongly that many people, including my family, value religion as a useful tool their lives, but it’s no longer useful in mine.

  4. I’d love to be interviewed for your blog! I was born…ahem…”under the covenant” to parents who were devout but always encouraged me to question everything until I was satisfied of the truth. I was an EXTREMELY devout believer who followed doctrine to the letter; I prayed many times daily, read the scriptures many times over, taught Sunday school, and held many callings. In my late teens, after suffering from the extreme guilt and the subsequent depression that comes from guilt, I resigned. Growing up in a VERY predominantly LDS community, separating from “The Church” caused me to be shunned by my lifelong friends and many family members. After going through a long process of feeling guilty for leaving something that made me feel guilty…make sense? I was anti for a few years. I’ve since made peace with the Mormons and moved back to Mormon-ville USA where my atheist husband and I happily live among them, can preserves with them, collect ward cookbooks, and get good belly laughs at their constant attempts to bring me back to the fold. Email any time!

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