Open Thread: Romneyfail

Believers and skeptics alike, I’d like to hear from you. Here’s the question:

Has Romney’s seven year failed pursuit of the white house been good or bad for the public image, visibility, and viability of the LDS Church? Is Mormonism seen as less peculiar or weirder than ever?

Keep in mind that I am inviting personal opinions. There will be many different viewpoints. Arguing will be less productive to this exercise than simply laying out your opinion and seeing what others have to say.

3 thoughts on “Open Thread: Romneyfail

  1. Probably a net gain just in terms of visibility. I think his loss was less a referendum on Mormonism and more a referendum on Romney/Republicans. Romney stood a chance if he had show some moral backbone and I doubt his religion would have made much of a difference. The only people who might have voted based on his religion were also the “anybody but Obama” crowd.

  2. I think it has been a mixed bag. The “positive” comments I’ve heard regarding the mormon church have been from Republicans wanting to oust Obama at all costs. When pressed about their decision, they really haven’t looked into assertations made about mormons or their beliefs, but more about what they are willing to overlook to get a Republican, any Republican elected.
    Will the scrutiny of mormons fade away? At first yes. The media is always looking for its new darling. Will this be the last mormon running for public office? no.
    It’s up to the blogs for awhile to keep the light shining into the dark corners until the mainstream deems it newsworth.

  3. For visibility, Romney’s campaign was absolutely a positive for the church.

    On viability, I am not sure either way…

    I think that the public image has improved though — when you have major evangelicals *not* calling Mormonism a cult anymore, that’s big.

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