Feminist Fail: PETA

This week’s Feminist Fail is brought to you by hypocritical wankers PETA, who have decided to target his Royal Gingerness Prince Harry whilst he’s in America for military training. A flock of naked scrawny vegan birds was dispatched in an attempt to persuade him to go meat free by using women as pieces of meat:

Well done, PETA. You’ve reminded us that although you’ve got the hots for animals, you clearly care nothing for humanity and women in particular. This isn’t the first time they’ve utilised the Hot Chick approach to marketing, and sadly I’m guessing it won’t be the last.

Regardless of how you feel about the validity of veganism as a lifestyle choice, please give the bird to PETA’s disgraceful use of birds.

3 thoughts on “Feminist Fail: PETA

  1. Those pesky Scientologists tried to get me once using a similar tactic – well pretty girls asking if I wanted to go to a party. Of course how could a 17 year old refuse the offer of a party from three beautiful girls (I seriously thought my luck was in). Of course I soon realised there was something a bit suspect when I turned up and A) not only was there NO alcohol, music or vol-au-vents but B) they all formed a circle with the new ‘recruits’ in the centre and shouted abuse at them. I made a sharp exit.

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