At least I won’t be a polygamist

I resigned from the LDS Church in November. I’m more grateful for that now than ever since a busybody acquaintance from the old days felt it their duty to forward me a link announcing that my ex-husband is engaged once again.

I know very little about his current life, which is the way I like it. Based on his behaviour when I left (which consisted mainly of false piety), I believe he is still going on with his pretense of being a righteous LDS man, however much the permanent flag on his church records might say otherwise.

All I know is that, because I am no longer a member of the LDS church, my temple sealing is no longer valid, and I will not have to be bothered by any arseholes in cheap suits asking my permission for my celestial husband to take on Wife Number Two. Of course, I’m not sure that they bother asking any more, as that draws rather painful attention to the fact that polygamy is alive and well in LDS doctrine. In either case, the closest I want to get to polygamy is watching Big Love.

It will be hard for some of you to believe, but I feel only pity toward these two. No hate, no anger, no bitterness. Just pity. I wish the best of luck to the future Mrs. Ex-Mr. Molly. She’ll need it being wedded to a repressed homosexual ex-felon.

5 thoughts on “At least I won’t be a polygamist

  1. I soooo admire you. You are not bitter, not angry. I’m afraid I will be doomed to the lowest rung in the next life for my feelings. When my ex- got remarried, in the temple, I pretty much went all bitch-with-the 7-point-crown.
    I had endured sexual assaults and battery, his abusing our son & daughter; drug use, felony embezzlement- the list goes on and on… yet he rec’d a temple recommend (washed of all his sins) less than a year after our divorce. Me? I got a court of love for bringing out the truth about him in our divorce proceedings. I harmed the church by protecting my children from him.
    My TBM family loooooves to tout how much better he is than me because “his holding the priesthood and staying in the church trumps any of his shortcomings.”
    You are to be applauded for rising above the fray. My ex is the #1 reason I don’t own gun, cuz I’d be forced to turn the rooster into a hen. (credits to the movie 9-5)

  2. Molly, I wait anxiously for your new posts. You are hilarious. “Repressed homo-sexual ex-felon” strikes too close to home for a good portion of my former ward. No wonder they advocate Prop-8, they are simply trying to remove the temptation.

  3. Good on you! St.ain’t, if there is a next life you will definitely be getting high fives from all of us because you refused to allow your abusive ex-husband and his abusive church to harm you or your children any more! You are awesome!

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