Teh Gays Are Coming to Get You, America

So in three months Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will be history in the U.S. Military. And the conservatives are concerned.

After all, what’s going to happen when Americans allow people in the armed forces who:

  • Have short, clean-cut haircuts
  • Work out a lot
  • Are accustomed to hanging out in mostly male social groups
  • Are known for their ability to be neat and tidy in their appearance
  • Know what it’s like to feel attacked on all sides yet keep it together and move forward

Oh . . . wait . . .

Oh . . .

9 thoughts on “Teh Gays Are Coming to Get You, America

  1. LOL! That’s an excellent point. What concerns me is, none of these conservative types seem to have served in the military, or have known anyone who has. I come from a big military family, on both sides of the pond, and I’ve grown up hearing about various military issues. No one I’ve met, either through my family or through my own career, has ever expressed concern about “oh, no, what if I’m serving with a gay guy”. For a bunch of pretty obvious reasons, nobody really cares. If you’re in a foxhole with some bloke, you might wonder a lot of things about him, but the last thing you’re probably wondering is who he pokes on his off time.

  2. The anti-gay fundamentalists haven’t thought this through, it seems. When you put it that way, it makes sense to have gay folks in the armed services.

  3. It is scary, isn’t it. šŸ˜‰

    Back when the debate was over whether women could serve in combat, conservatives argued that it would lead to “immorality.” Like CJ suggested, it turned out that while in a foxhole, people found other things to be concerned about besides sex.

  4. What I think conservatives are afraid of losing is control. Their ‘authority’ to determine group think is being undermined and that, I believe, scares them.

    • ff42 — I think you’re on to something. LGBT rights threaten fundamentalist’s rigid views of gender and sexuality, and that makes them extremely nervous. When they don’t have the power to enforce gender and sexuality norms, what’s left?

  5. Frankly, I’m ashamed that it’s taken my country this long to move forward from the issue and what’s worse, DADT was actually a step forward from prohibiting gays altogether. *sigh*
    I guess the next step is getting normal military support for the “spouses” of LBGT military personnel. Or maybe it’s getting to where I don’t have to put “spouses” in quote marks anymore.
    *facepalm* I love my country, I do, but I’d rather they fix my economy and job market than throw a fit over who our military personnel are going home to when they finish risking their lives for freedoms everyone but them enjoys.

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