A fresh slate

Most Mormons who read this blog are American, so they can’t really understand what it feels like to be British and Mormon and unable to drink.

University was such a waste for me.

Well, I’m drinking now, and toasting myself as I start my first year as a non-Mormon. Here’s to a clean slate.

6 thoughts on “A fresh slate

  1. Cheers!

    And, I’d agree with that assessment. Although I think, re: America, at least, it’s largely dependent on what part of the country you’re in. I live in New England; my Brit half stands out less, here. Besides, everyone’s far too PC to comment on others’ eating and drinking habits. They usually just mock how I pronounce things, and then trot out their (apparently superior?) “British accents” for me.

  2. I don’t get it. Why, as an American, would I not get what it’s like to be British, Mormon, and unable to drink during college?

    Legal drinking age? Does anyone in college follow that? LOL.

    • Drinking is a big part of British culture in a way that it is not part of American culture. Most parents let their kids have little sips of wine at a very young age, and many normal dishes contain alcohol. Even Christmas puddings are usually topped with brandy and set on fire, to the delight of everyone at the table. Alcohol features much more strongly as an everyday ingredient, and it causes a lot of awkwardness when someone has to abstain from enjoying pudding with everyone else because it’s got two tablespoons of booze in it. For Americans, in my opinion, heavy drinking is part of teenage rebellion and not everybody does it. Beyond teenage and university drinking, alcohol is recreational but generally optional. The British, for better and for worse, seem to have cast iron livers and drink much more heavily and have much more tradition based around certain beverages.

      • I always found it odd that some people (who are not alcoholics with a metabolic need to avoid all alcohol) will avoid a cooked food with a couple tablespoons of wine that have evaporated by the time the food’s served and indulge in all kinds of things with vanilla and other extracts. The extracts are pure alcohol with some trace of a flavorful oil and could be much more available dissolved in batters and cooked at lower baking temps.

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