If only it were this easy!

Apparently the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland make it super easy to leave by simply resigning on the Internet.

Although I disagree with the Evangelical Lutheran Church (the state religion in Finland) in their position regarding LGBT people, I respect them for providing a simple, convenient, stigma-free process for people to leave. What a contrast to the Mormon Church, which makes it very painful and difficult to leave, and the Catholic Church, which is now trying to make it impossible for anyone to resign. This is the difference between being a religious sect and having cult-like characteristics. Compulsory faith systems do not care about or leave room for authentic belief. It takes true faith to allow members to come and go freely.

4 thoughts on “If only it were this easy!

  1. The way I fixed the problem with my blog (at least for most would-be commenters) was to change the comment format, from embedded to pop-up.

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