The Will of the People Was Denied

Plenty of homophobes have been bitching and moaning that “the will of the people” was ignored when Prop 8 was overturned by a higher authority.

How many of them are going to jump to the defence of Oakleigh Reed, a transgender teen who was voted Homecoming King by his peers and then denied his title by the principal of the school?

Not many, I’d guess. STFU bigots.

4 thoughts on “The Will of the People Was Denied

  1. I don’t know what’s worse, this or the girl who wasn’t allowed to take her girlfriend to prom and was tricked into going to a fake prom while most of the school attended a secret “straight people” prom elsewhere. Probably the same people who vote against anti-bullying legislation when it includes sexual orientation and gender identity – who votes against protecting children from violence??

  2. Let me take this opportunity to remind you of my rant on this subject:

    Apart from being infuriating, the whole “will of the people” argument is a red herring–and ignorant, from a legal perspective. Although, ahem, I was told by one “do gooder” that my law degree (and emphasis in civil liberties) was worth shit and I should really watch this series of videos on YouTube she’d found. They had, apparently, changed her life. So, hey, I guess my issue is that I think actually becoming educated on a subject should make a difference.

  3. I guess it all depends on one’s definition of “people.” Like, according to Glenn Beck, Hurricane Katrina only hurt “scumbags,” not people.

    And it’s particularly pathetic when kids set the example of humanity for adults and the bigoted adults — who should be setting the proper example for the kids — veto their heroic efforts. I guess on the upside we have hope for the future when the principal is no longer in a position of leadership.

  4. Guuuuuh . . . Right-wingers always scream and cry about “activist judges” supposedly ignoring the will of “the people” whenever they don’t get their way. Right-wing events are full of that kind of silly rhetoric.

    As for the transgender boy, I was disappointed when he lost his crown. Still, the support of his classmates was heartwarming, a reminder that our society is improving.

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