Jesus would have done the same

Just wanted to give a shoutout to the wonderful God-fearing parents of Fulton, Mississippi who have protected the integrity of their righteous Christian children by throwing a secret prom to keep lesbian teen Constance McMillen from attending. Stories are pouring in that McMillen and her girlfriend were sent to a fake prom along with half a dozen other students, including the school’s special needs kids. Meanwhile, all the good little heterosexuals got to party down at the real prom, held in a secret location safely hidden from any taint of gay.

This is brilliant. Jesus is so proud of you all. He would have done the same — remember all those parts in the Bible where he taught that people who aren’t cool have no place in our society?

2 thoughts on “Jesus would have done the same

  1. That’s horrifying. Last weekend, a family friend was at (Southern Baptist) Easter services when, halfway through the service, a gay couple (who’d apparently attended that church for years) was called out and asked to leave. She got up and left with them. Um, apparently being a “Christian” requires no attempts to actually follow Christ.

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