How To Doublethink

1. Hear a legitimate statement of fact or a reasonable question that contradicts the dogma you are required to believe.

2. Say “no it isn’t” and then say the complete opposite as if it were absolute fact and common knowledge.

3. Ignore the fact that you’ve completely trampled on someone else’s brain and made them feel confused and stupid for asking a legitimate question.

4. Distract from the real issue at hand with a lot of data that is too vague to be useful.

5. Train yourself not to be aware that you are following steps 1-4.

6. For advanced doublethink, become unaware that you are training yourself at all.

For a working example, just read how David L. Draut does it. It’s a textbook study!

One thought on “How To Doublethink

  1. That’s a hilarious link. 🙂 The God of the Old Testament was cruel because people often seem to make God in their own image. Once I decided that there is no way God would order children to be slaughtered, or sabbath breakers to be stoned, there seemed no other option but to consider that the “arm of flesh” had a heavy influence in scripture.

    While we must allow for dissonance as a fact of life, I get your point on double think. (Did I just do it there? lol).

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